Just Complaining


I fell into a strange condition.

yeah, strange, again.



The only reason surely is

FULL OF...... everything



Graduate school

has been an annoying problem.

At first, I focus on those in Taiwan.

However, after asking the teacher,

even in Taiwan is kind of tough, or unsitable;

then, I pay attention to aboard.

Also, difficultlies.

The tests are first challenges.

Then I noticed that I won't be able to study in a foreign country

before I pay the loans for university......




That makes a link to my job.




The work in 3rd floor.

The uncertainty of working hours,

and the unfamiliar feeling while at work;

they can be sort of torture sometimes.

How about working outside ?

No idea of the working type.

I have to keep some time for studying, and family.

AND, I just can't make the very decision...




A new house.

With the mentioned difficulties,

it seems to be much more hard to get.





Besides, I've been thinking about making a study plan.

So here comes the problem.

the percentage I devide into study and other miscellaneous things

is important.

and hard to find the balance as well.







Action speaks louder than words.

I always think of it when I'm running a circle and couldn't stop it.

Am I just sitting and thinking the possible situations

and not even do something to help ?


It's just.........

sometimes it may be very fearful to do something unknown

and full of uncertain challenges.

I just CAN'T do it !!!!




the worst part IS

I can not have enough time

to think of the problems clearly.







What the hell life I'm having ? ! ! !